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Bustiers: support your fetish
by Anne Curvey

Bustiers are incredibly sexy. Wearing them creates a certain sex appeal and a look that contours a woman's body into a very desirable and sexy shape. Bustiers started gaining popularity in the early 1980's when pop singer Madonna wore one in one of her very popular music video. And over time, with movies like Dangerous Liaisons, Titanic, Quills, Age of Innocence and of course Moulin Rouge, bustiers hit a pinnacle. Today they are worn for their sexy and sleek look and more often as they are a heck of a lot more comfortable then their predecessors from the early 20th century.

In early civilizations women partook in gymnastics, dance, and even bullfighting. Such strenuous exercise necessitated that restrictive bands or garments be worn to support the waist and breast muscles. Cretan woman wore heavy rings around their waists and bolero coats to support the breasts. Grecian women wore a woolen band, or "zona." Egyptian women wore a tight narrow band under the bust to give support and it was also a part of their outside costume.

In the third chapter of Isaiah there is quoted "instead of a girdle there should be a rent (a garment worn around the abdomen) and instead of a stomacher -- a girding of sackcloth, and burning instead of beauty." Support slowly moved into the area of fashion and vanity, form over function. This was the beginning of the malleability of the constrained female form. The torso became the sculpting block of feminine beauty. What is really interesting to note is that many civilizations put a great deal of emphasis on the waist while the Chinese preferred to leave the waist natural with an emphasis on constraining the feet. Aspects of feminine beauty are in the eye of the beholder and definitely defined by the eyes of each century.

In the early centuries of the Christian era, styles were influenced by fashion from the East brought through Constantinople and the necessity of support for the waist and breasts of the upper class that used riding animals as a form of entertainment. By the 13th century, free flowing dresses gave way to dresses incorporating laces to show the form of the body. If nature had not given women a "beautiful" form, the slender silhouette of the 13th and 14th centuries was achieved by stiffer materials and stronger laces incorporated into the dress. Surcoats were also introduced at this time even after Charles V of France threatened excommunication to those who dared wear a dress that had "the tail of a serpent." It was worn over the dress in the manner of a riding habit. The bodice of the surcoat was tight and fitted with yards of material draped behind. In the 15th century, the waistline became higher and smaller. A band of stiff material was introduced called a "cotte" named after the French word for close fitting or literally rib.

Like sexy shoes and lingerie, bustiers are a huge fetish today. They come in many different colors and styles and range in price from $20 dollars to thousands of dollars. The bustiers worn by Mya, Lil Kim and Pink in the Moulin Rouge video are reported to have cost $3,000 a piece. The many different styles include the Heart Embroidery and Spandex Mesh Bustier, a Lace up front Bustier, a satin and lace 3 piece Bustier and many, many more.

Bustiers are incredibly sexy. Wearing them creates a certain sex appeal and a look that contours a woman's body into a very desirable and sexy shape. They exaggerate a women's femininity in a most delicious and sexy way. Some women love the sensuous tightness of a bustier, however, there is a definite trade off for those benefits. Wearing bustiers can greatly lessen the ability to sit comfortably -- but then again, sitting is a highly overrated activity. Many endure the discomfort for the sexy and powerful feeling they get when wearing a sexy bustier.

Some women will tell you the best thing about wearing a bustier is taking it off. To them they are very uncomfortable and irritating. Many do it just to please their husbands and boyfriends. The trade off for their pain and suffering is an evening filled with some very hot steamy sex.

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