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Cock rings: prolong your swinging experience
by Anne Curvey

A cock ring also known as an erection ring or a penis ring is simply a device worn around the shaft at the base of the penis during intercourse. The first time I every heard of a cock-ring was in the early 80s when a friend of mine told me that her boyfriend used it to prolong his orgasm - I guess that makes sense. I also saw them being used at swing parties and other sex orientated get togethers. My husband has a few that he uses every now and then when we go to a party or when we play with other couples.

In researching cock rings, I couldn't believe how many different types of cock rings I found. I would have to say there were literally hundreds of them.

A cock ring also known as an erection ring or a penis ring is simply a device worn around the shaft at the base of the penis during intercourse. For the duration of this article I will call it a ring. The ring restricts the flow of blood from the erect penis creating a pleasurable feeling of tightness and pressure that prolongs erection and sometimes delaying ejaculation. Usually worn at the base of the penis behind the scrotum, some men enjoy wearing a ring around the base of their penis only. It really depends on the size of the ring and his personal preference.

It is easiest to put on a ring before the penis is erect, but you'll want to experiment to find what works best for you. You should remove the ring as soon as it becomes uncomfortable -- do not wear it any longer than 30 minutes. Beginners should try different lengths of duration just to make sure they don't hurt themselves. In order to avoid unpleasant snaps, snags or yanking, you may want to trim or shave the pubic hair in the area where you'll be wearing the ring, or use a little lubrication.

Rings come in all sizes, materials and constructions. Some of the most popular are:

  • Beaded Stimulator Ring - This ring has strategically placed beads for added exciting pleasure for both of you -- stretches for a comfortable fit.
  • Alchemy Metallic Large Band - This ring is made of metal and they range in sizes.
  • Chrome Donut Cock Ring - This ring is considered the Rolls-Royces of cock rings. It's a heavier, shinier, smoother and more designer-styled variation on the old stand by style. It costs more, but if you really want to go all out this is the one to get.

What exactly do rings do for a man? This is a good question considering that most sites and catalogs that sell rings are rather vague about the purpose of the ring itself. This is basically how a ring works: when a man achieves an erection, he places a ring around the base of his penis shaft in order to limit the amount of blood lost from the penis. As you know, an erection occurs when the penis fills with blood, so in order to help maintain a full, firm erection, a man can use a ring to help hold the blood in the penis. The benefit of this is that it allows a man to retain his full erection during sexual intercourse, providing the maximum amount of pleasure to his partner as well as himself. A secondary benefit of using a ring is that the added pressure around the base of the penis shaft helps prolong sex by preventing the man from ejaculating too quickly.

A man who uses a ring will not only be larger and firmer throughout the duration of intercourse, but he will be able to last much longer than usual as well. This is particularly handy if you are at a action packed swing event where there is a lot of activity going on, like an orgy, and you could have 2-4 partners in one night.

You may be wondering, is it safe to wear a ring? And if so, does it hurt?

The amount of pressure it applies to the penis shaft does not harm the penis in any way, as it still allows some blood to pass through the penis shaft. Furthermore, most rings are very comfortable and do not reduce the pleasures of sex at all; however, it is important that you use a quality ring. My husband has been using rings for years and he owns several different types. He says they really do work.

Some guys also ask, should I take it off before I ejaculate? The answer is yes. A ring should be removed before you ejaculate. My husband says that the sensations he gets after removing a ring is absolutely incredible - says that his orgasms are some of the most intense and longest-lasting he has ever had.

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