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Sex swings
by Anne Curvey

A good swing can create an almost weightless feeling that allows those using it to experiment with all sorts of positions that would be difficult or impossible otherwise. A sex swing is designed to allow one partner, usually the female, to be suspended comfortably in midair while engaging in sex. A good swing can create an almost weightless feeling that allows those using it to experiment with all sorts of positions that would be difficult or impossible otherwise. For many swingers that makes it worth it. The only place I can think of that you can actually "test" a sex swing is at a sex-orientated convention like a Lifestyles Convention or maybe at an event like the Exotic Erotic Ball.

When I first saw a sex swing I thought it was some sort of BDSM contraption, until I saw it being used. I was at a swing club in Oregon with my husband -- the swing was hanging from the ceiling in the "Romper Room." It was the bungee type that had the elastic rope for the bouncing effect. A couple tried it out for the first time and they really seemed to enjoy it. They must have loved it because a crowd started to gather around them to enjoy the show. Many were whispering that they wanted to try it themselves.

As soon as the swing was free, we took our turn. I was surprised at how easy it was to adjust it and to sit in. The feeling of weightlessness was awesome and I enjoyed the bouncing effect too. You could also easily change from a sitting position to lying horizontally with the straps supporting my legs -- I could even be upside down. I had no problem positioning my legs in the air spread eagle with angle straps supporting me. My husband started to play with me while I was in this position and I guess it must have turned on some of the other couples to see us. A line of men and women formed and asked if they could take a turn and taste me. What a great accessory to have at a swing club -- it really brings people together!

I recently did a search on the Internet and I saw that sex swings have advanced greatly from the one that I used. I found at least ten different types of swings available for purchase online. Here is the top three that got my interest based on budget and looks.

Spinning Sex Swing: This is similar to the one I used. It is fully adjustable and is able to accommodate all different body sizes. It has four supports to comfortably hold your back, butt, and both your legs. It has thickly padded neoprene supports and is covered in a soft leopard print material. The foot and leg stirrups are lined with faux fur, adding to the overall comfort of the swing.

Love Swing: If you ever watched Sex and the City this is the same swing that Samantha made love on. The Love Swing is fully adjustable -- all the back, butt, and leg straps can be adjusted to accommodate any body size. The Love Swing looks just like the Spinning Sex Swing, except it doesn't have all the fancy padding.

Full Support Sex Swing This is the newest design on the market. It looks something like a hammock. It supports your entire body weight with comfort and ease. It has 10 adjustment points for total control. It is made of nylon and can support up to 400lbs. It comes in 3 different colors, blue, purple and black.

You say you don't want to hang a sex swing from your ceiling, no problem. You can buy a portable swing stand for less than $230.00 that is specifically designed for sex swings. They are portable and break down for easy storage. When they are fully assembled they can support up to 400lbs and they allow for maximum height of your swing to accommodate taller individuals. The base is just 7 feet between the 3 legs and it can be set up in the corner of the room if space is limited. There is also a remote controlled hoist available as an accessory or you can order it as a part of a complete system.

Sex swings are fun and a pleasure to use. If you buy one to enhance your sexual pleasure and not as a place to hang your clothes, I think you will enjoy it immensely. They are also great icebreaker at swing clubs. So if the club you attend has one and you've never tired it, climb on board and go for a swing!

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