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Strap-ons: To use or not to use?
by Anne Curvey

Men who use strap-ons typically want to use one because it may be thicker than or exceed their own penis size. Women who use them typically want to play a gender role. Last year at the 2003 Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas I was amazed at the amount of exhibitors featuring sex toys. There may have been 90 to 100 booths all set up to sell all kinds of sexual orientated products, specifically made to entice swingers. There were booths for sexy lingerie, lubricants, sex books, BDSM, erotic vacations, boob shaped pillows, shoes, and dildos. Boy did they have dildos! One booth may have had over 70 different varieties alone and there had to be at least 9 booths selling nothing but dildos. What particularly caught my attention were the strap-on dildos. The strap-ons were a little more expensive then regular dildos, probably because of the attached harness - some are leather.

Both men and women use staps-ons, on either men or women. Men who use strap-ons typically want to use one because it may be thicker than or exceed their own penis size. Women who use strap-on dildos typically want to play a gender role. Porn movies often depict women using harnesses and strap-ons for oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse. The "Strap on Sally" video series with Gina Lynn is a very popular one.

The first time I witnessed a strap-on being used was about four years ago in San Diego at a swinger club called Hillside. Two ladies played in the common area - everyone watched as they "put on a real show" as they drew a crowd. I was very intrigued. One of the ladies had on a huge black rubber strap-on with an upright angle. She also had other dildos of all sizes and colors that could easily be attached. She used it doggy style on the other lady and she looked as if she was really enjoying it. It was a sure-fire turn on. Several of the couples broke off and started to do their own thing after seeing the two ladies get it on.

I had my own first experience last year while at the Lifestyles Convention. We had a little get-together with a lady and three guys that we met online. Candi was very experienced as well as an excellent teacher. She did me first -- it was hot! After I squirted all over it, we cleaned up, got all nice and fresh, she assisted me in putting on the strap-on. I was cracking up at first -- it felt so weird to have a "cock" hanging between my legs. I "fucked" my friend missionary style and then doggy style. For me, it was fun and exciting to see a woman squirming from me thrusting my pelvis into hers with this artificial cock. In all honesty, I didn't really feel anything sexually until the guys joined in and started to play with me from behind. Candi came like thunder over and over again. One thing is for sure -- the guys loved watching us ladies playing with each other and one of these fun toys.

Strap-ons used by swingers can be added fun no matter what your level of swinging. They can be used in a variety of ways when playing with other couples and single females. Just like with a male, positions can vary to anything you want to try. Be experimental, have fun. I saw a porn flick where a woman just sucked on one like it was a real cock while the wearer said "oh yeah, suck that cock." You like to role-play? Why not dress up as a guy, don a fake mustache and have a multiple male sex encounter with a lady and two other guys.

Almost every online store I have visited offers strap-ons and there is always your local adult store if you and your partner want to pick one out together. That would be fun. Like all the other toys out there, strap-ons range in price. I found prices from inexpensive to some that were over $100 dollars. There are so many names for these toys -- the "Multi Orgasmic Shocker," the "Strap on Pearl Dive," the "Heart Shape G-spot harness -- the list goes on. If you have never tired one, I highly recommend it. It is a fun thing to do and a great experience.

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