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Double dongs: double your pleasure
by Elizabeth Andrews

These double headers, once considered a toy for lesbians, are often used between two women in swinging couples. For several years I'd only seen double dongs, or double headed dildos, used between two women in porn flicks. The toys always looked the same, same variations in color-long and straight rubber jobbies with both ends shaped like a penis. The sex scenes in the porn movies were invariable-two women laying on a flat surface with their vulvas facing one another. But now, these double headers, once considered a toy for lesbians, are often used between two women in swinging couples. From my perspective, neither the position nor the dildo in the videos that I've seen appeared too comfortable. If there were something I need in order to achieve an orgasm and/or play the centerpiece in a sexy night of fun, it would consist of being comfortable and relaxed.

I have read many accounts and reviews from real people who have used the standard double header, in which some of the reports were disappointing. Though the standard is the least expensive, it is the most difficult to use with another person. There are plenty of uses for the double header. It can be used for vagina-to-vagina, vagina-to-anus, anus-to-anus, double penetration, and solo masturbation.

In using this toy with a partner, there are only a few working positions to choose from. You can use the double dong in a seated position. In order to do so face each other, sit back, and insert the dong. This position is easiest with vagina-to-vagina penetration. You can perform a side-by-side or a back-to-back position. These work for vagina-to-vagina, vagina-to-anus, and anus-to-anus. The side-by-side position will require that you lie face to face for vagina-to-vagina and spoon for vagina-to-anus. For those of you into back-to-back, both of you kneel on all fours and back up against the dong.

Getting started can be a bit of a pain, but once you get it down to science it's proven to enhance your sex with many new scenarios and positions. If you choose this type of toy to use with a partner, I recommend one person inserting the dong first before penetrating your friend. If you plan to use it on yourself, then you're all set. You can use the free end to stimulate your clitoris during penetration. But don't expect double penetration unless you purchase a rubber jelly dong that is 16 inches or longer.

Fortunately, there are other types of double headers out there to choose from. These are more expensive, almost three times as much as the standard, but they are friendlier to use. One of the complaints with the standard was its inflexibility; many women wanted the dong to curve in the middle so that they could actually enjoy different sexual positions. The Nexus, Nexus Jr., and the Feeldoe are designed so that women can really get it on in whatever position they like.

The Nexus and Nexus Jr. can be used with or without a harness, though I've known a few women to use a harness so that they don't have to worry about it "cumming" out. The Feeldoe doesn't need harness; its bulbous end actually harnesses the dildo inside the giver. Many women prefer this one because nothing is needed to hold the dildo in place, and the sexual positions are limitless. However using the Feeldoe, the sensation is greater for the receiver than for the giver as opposed to the Nexus. The Nexus is great for all around pleasure.

So if you've recently found yourself wanting more from your female playmates than just heavy petting and cunnilingus, you might consider a double header. The possibilities are endless. Plus creative girl on girl action is always certain to score a home run with the guys!

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