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Sybian: the ultimate vibrator
by Elizabeth Andrews

One girl in line had come up behind the girl bouncing on the Sybian, and began to kiss her neck and stroke her skin. I knew I was not going to get a turn. It's pretty common for women not to enjoy regular orgasms through intercourse. The numbers are somewhere around 29% always have orgasm and 4% have none. And what about those women in between? 42% say their orgasmic response ranges from rarely to usually. That's not good enough. Add the mounting stress from work, commutes, paying bills, and answering swinger ads in hopes of finding that special couple, and lack of orgasm becomes endemic.

Then I visited a club. And at the club, a line of women stood anxiously, waiting their turn. I asked one woman, "So what's the line for?" She replied and pointed at another dark haired woman wildly riding a black box, "Listen to her. The Sybian." "Oh," I said, remembering an ad I read for a single guy looking for a couple. He had touted owning one of these.

I didn't do the Sybian that night, as I was unsure of the wait, and I needed some action right then, especially after seeing that girl scream! I did, however later, go online and research the toy a little. My curiosity was piqued.

The first thing I wanted to know was the price-which at over a grand was rather shocking for a sex toy. But then it comes with an instructional video, several vaginal inserts, lube, and even a "flattop" for a little tribadism--you know that wonderful sensation of rubbing against something! The inserts are also made of Dynaflex, which is a non-porous silicone-optimum for sharing with all your sexy friends.

Under most circumstances, I would've skipped the site and surfed else where at that price, but I couldn't forget that line of women. It was as if they needed it. And that dark haired woman I had seen at the club--she made sounds I once had thought were fake. They were porn star girl screams, but they were so real. She kept cumming and cumming. I could tell by her sex flush that she was having a serious orgasm; she was so blotchy, and held onto the handles of the toy as if her life depended on it. One girl in line had come up behind the girl bouncing on the Sybian, and began to kiss her neck and stroke her skin. I knew I was not going to get a turn.

Back to the website. I clicked on the Testimonials; here the site provided stories from people all over the world. Accounts of women never achieving orgasm now do so with ease every time with their partner. Women that do orgasm have now become multi or polyorgasmic. One man had shared that he had purchased the Sybian for his spouse without her knowledge. She tried it and loved it. After he revealed the price, she seemed a little unnerved, but insisted, "Don't send it back!" All I have to say about that is whoa!

Damn…I knew should've waited in that line!

Now I am actually considering buying one of these. I should want to try one first. They sound, and certainly look, like great fun, especially with all the rave from Sybian owners-not to mention that line! However, my vibrator has always treated me well. But then, I'll never forget that dark-haired woman, her breasts bouncing with each powerful thrust, and her cave woman moans.

I think I'll go to the club tonight!

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