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Blindfolds and masks: swinging in the dark
by Anne Curvey

Sensory Deprivation is a very popular and fun way to enhance sexual play. When you restrict one sense, your other senses become heightened and more sensitive. Sensory Deprivation is a very popular and fun way to enhance sexual play. When you restrict one sense, your other senses become heightened and more sensitive. Blindfolds, Masks & Hoods will restrict your vision, hide your identity, and heighten the rest of your senses. Why not try and make your sex life a little more exciting and interesting with the use of blindfolds. People tend to get bored in relationships when their bedroom sessions become predictable and redundant.

Take out two blindfolds and tie them around each other's eyes, hold hands and find your way to the bedroom -- leaving the blindfolds on, of course. You will need to rely on your partner for help. Consider this to be a confidence building exercise as well as a sensual one.

Once in the bedroom, begin touching and feeling each other. Start by massaging each other -- rub each other's hands, toes, thighs, genitals, lips, and whatever other parts will arouse. Can you imagine what it feels like to engage in sensual foreplay minus your eyesight? It can be more exciting for both of you because you are being sexual without looking at one another. You'd be surprised how kinky things can become when sight is subtracted from the game of love. You can even imagine that you are with someone else - now that's a fantasy.

To make it even more fun and exciting, take a blindfold with you to your next swing club or party experience. Blind fold your female partner or male partner and one of you lead each around the club. Have a rule that he or she is not to remove the blindfold until you say so. Other swingers will surely play along and they could add to the excitement. Introduce yourselves to people. Get on the dance floor, order drinks. If you know a couple, have them come over and give them the signal to keep quite so they won't announce themselves. Ask the lady to touch him if he's blindfolded or the guy to touch her. Have fun with the one who blinded, this is very exciting to them. Find a new couple, tell them about your little game and maybe they may be interested in playing along.

You may want to try using the blindfold later after you hook up with another couple too. Ask them if it's ok before you do - never assume. You don't want to scare them off if they're just beginners or into soft swing.

When you are with the other couple undress each other slowly and begin inhaling, tasting, licking, feeling, and rubbing each other. Finding your way is so exciting when you are forced to use your other senses to get there, especially with some one new. If one person prefers to be in control, then blindfold the other while you have your fun with their body. The fact that they can't see what you are about to do makes their anticipation that much more intense. Surprise them! If you continuously move from one end of their body to a completely different one, they'll be so ready for you, that they'll think you're a couple of super lovers! You'll be surprised how much fun a simple blindfold can provide - it's incredible.

Masks can be just as much fun too. A large number of people who attend the Mardi Gras each year wear a mask to protect their identities due to all the cameras and videos around them. If you are a Sunday School Teacher and you are seen in New Orleans flashing your tits -- that may not go over well with your church.

Not often, but every once in a while some people show up at swing parties wearing a mask. For some, they just don't want to take a chance of anyone recognizing them - particularly if it's a small town. For others, being disguised makes it more sensuous and fun. For a couple of swingers not wearing a mask -- the attraction of meeting and playing with swingers wearing masks could be the ultimate unveiling. Like a surprise or a reward after good sex, you get to see what they look like after.

As you can imagine, there are quite an assortment of blindfolds and masks to purchase. You might say, why not just make your own with an old rag or something. That might be the easier way, but it's just not as sexy.

If you would like a mask that will cover your hair too, try the leather Master Half Mask -- it would be a great item to own. It's like a "Catwoman" mask.

If you want to keep people really guessing, a full leather hood might be your style and it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to recognize you. These masks are real popular in the BDSM scene.

If you want to keep it cute, try the Kitty Kat Mask for the lady. It also comes with a whip.

Blindfolds can be fluffy and furry, to black leather. Some are full hoods with parts that snap off at the mouth. Some have a gag ball that goes in your mouth. The most popular blindfold is the Contour Fleece lined.

Regardless of what you use, using a blindfold or mask will only add to your swinger experience.

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