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How good are your vibrations?
by Anne Curvey

Personal female masturbators and vibrators have become quite popular. They come in many different types, each with its own pluses and minuses. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. "What's that noise?" I said. My husband looked at me in bewilderment and shook his head and said, "it sounds like an alarm." Then our attention was directed at the person in front of us. We were at a grocery store in line waiting to check out. The lady in front of us hit her bag against her cart and set off something and she was franticly digging to find the source of what was making her bag vibrate. "Oh my God, what the heck is that?" I thought. But a minute later, I knew what it was as she pulled out a small silver bullet. I recognized it right away -- it was a personal vibrator. She quickly turned it off and looked around to see if we were watching -- we gave her a little grin and quickly looked away. We didn't want to embarrass her any more then she had already been.

Men tend to masturbate pretty much the same way -- women masturbate in many different ways. The key, of course, is clitoral stimulation and the way women achieve clitoral stimulation varies greatly. Certainly many use their hands, the way men do, but many women who feel the need to masturbate are reluctant to touch themselves and many require more stimulation than their hands can provide.

Personal female masturbators and vibrators have become quite popular. In fact it has become a multimillion-dollar industry. They come in many different types, each with its own pluses and minuses. They are great for achieving orgasm if you can't do it with just your hands only. They are also a very good way of giving your self a special treat now and then.

Many women, both married, single, and yes swingers, are now carrying their own personal toys with them in their purses and pocket books just like a cosmetic item. Female masturbators and vibrators are usually smaller then a full size dildo making them more convenient to take with you wherever you go. Imagine going through airport security with a 12 inch "Butt Buster" in your bag? Of maybe even a huge "Jack Hammer Clit Invader" -- that would be a riot.

Some women require sexual releases more than others. There is no reason why you can't have an orgasm during the normal course of a workday especially if you are stressed. Women in high stress positions are more likely to have personal mini masturbators or vibrators then let's say an everyday housewife. Orgasms, believe it or not, can also help to relieve stress and are probably the quickest and best way to relax if you're in a situation where your anxiety is high. That's not to say that if you are being yelled at by your boss that you whip out your toy and start playing with yourself. Many masturbators and vibrators can easily be carried into the bathroom, or if you are more daring, right under your desk for a mid morning or lunchtime orgasm. The only bad thing is that some of them do make some level of noise - anywhere from a low hum to a loud buzzing sound. Of course it can be masked if it's inside you. If you were around co-workers the only thing that would alert them would be the huge smile on your face. If you're into heavy clit stimulus, this might present an issue.

There are several different types of toys available.

25K Vibro Ring - Vibrating Ring: Powerful, discreet ring that lights up, strobes and vibrates! Fits comfortably on any finger. Batteries included.

Alexa's Micro Orchid: Alexa's Micro Orchid is a multi-speed, incredibly soft little micro-orchid with sensuously powerful vibrations and a penetrating stamen with nodule tip for extra erotic sensation. It has fluttering leaves for optimal stimulation, a comfortable, heavy-duty adjustable g-string, and a unique clip-on design for hands-free enjoyment. The micro orchid is made of a very soft, translucent, hygienic silicone and one size fits most!

Aria's Decadent Lovebird: Over 30 impulse patterns with 5 hypersonic functions! Impulse 5-battery pack and unique clip-on for hands free enjoyment! Comfortable, fully adjustable g-string straps and graduated led indicator! .

This is an excellent toy for swingers. There are times when the female might need a little help in achieving an orgasm. This often happens when she has a new encounter. To make the encounter more satisfying, a toy could be her salvation.

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