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Anal sex: not just for porn stars anymore!
by Anne Curvey

Anal toys can be a great addition to your sex life, either alone, with your partner or with others. To some swingers anal toys may seem a bit extreme. They are shaped funny and are odd looking not to mention the fact that they go in your butt. Anal toys can be a great addition to your sex life, either alone, with your partner or with others. They offer anal stimulation during masturbation and during intercourse. A small butt plug can be a great introduction to anal sex.

The use of anal toys and having anal sex is often associated with homosexuality. However, according to "Sex for Dummies," 30% to 40% of all heterosexual couples in this country have tried anal intercourse with up to half of them continue to do it occasionally. If you are a couple, the chances are good that at some point in your relationship you might try anal sex.

The rich body of nerve endings in the anus makes anal sex enjoyable. While most first time experiences are quite painful, as it is it practiced more and more you will learn to relax and the pain often subsides into pleasure. The first time I did anal sex with my husband we started by putting a small butt plug in me and left it there for several few hours. Over time we eventually worked up to a bigger and bigger plug. Then we basically did the same thing with my husbands penis -- he entered me a little at a time, over time, until we got it all in. Without anal toys I don't think I would have ever had anal sex.

For many, anal sex is a taboo activity and much of society still shuns it. Most people say that the reason they like doing it has more to do with how it feels than with the perverse thrill of it all. Men like anal sex because the sphincter muscle is nice and tight. Women like it because of the added stimulation while they are rubbing their vagina. Some women don't like it because they are too tight and they don't like the thought of having anything going into their anus -- like most heterosexual men. Many women feel that the anus is an exit only organ!

You will find that most couples in the lifestyle have anal sex on their unwritten rules list as one of the things not to do with others. Husbands are perfectly all right with it especially if you are wanted to try a DP (Double Penetration) - he'll always has your "back" so to speak. There are some serious safety issues regarding anal sex that you need to be aware of at all times. First and foremost, whatever touches the anus should never touch any other body part. Never, never, never take a toy or fingers out of the anus and put it into the vagina or into anyone's mouth. This could lead to a serious infection as well as other complications. After any kind of anal play, you should immediately remove your condom and go straight to the shower and wash all the relevant body parts thoroughly! Second, STDs are a major concern with anal sex and it is not limited to AIDS. Herpes, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. -- these can all be transmitted through anal sex. Never have anal sex without a condom; it's just not worth the risk to either partner.

If you'd like to experiment with anal sex for the first time -- start with the most basic toy available, a "butt plug." Butt plugs are essentially dildos for the anus. They are designed to fit and stay in your ass. They are usually cone shaped and they are slender for easy insertion, then widen, then taper again. Most important of all they have a flat base to keep the plug from getting lost inside of you. Butt plugs range in size from the smallest being the size of a finger to the largest being the size of two fists. The design stretches your sphincter muscles, making anal sex more enjoyable.

Like dildos, butt plugs there are many different types of anal toys to buy. There are some that vibrate, some that are shaped like ping pong balls, some which are designed like a regular dildo, with graduated beads for building excitement.

When you go out to a swing club or even a private party, take your anal toys with you. Anal toys can add to the excitement of feeling risqué. Make sure you prep yourself prior to attending if you intend to have anal sex -- you wouldn't want any nasty accidents to occur in a group situation. You should always enema before any anal play and don't forget the lubricant. Never share anal toys unless they are thoroughly cleaned and you put a condom over them for added protection.

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