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Entry 1: Kate and Chris decide to swing
by Elizabeth Andrews

July 31, 2003

Last night I told Chris that I am attracted to women. We were watching "Sex in the City", and the episode featured two female characters kissing on occasion. I just couldn't help it; the segment appeared to be encouraging of female bisexuality. Chris was totally glued to the show -- which he never is. It was the right time to tell him. I've known it for while, but I've been so afraid to tell him. But I just can't hide it anymore. Every time we make love, I think about another woman in bed with us, and we're sharing her.

He seemed rather shocked, and he said he doesn't know how he feels about opening our marriage, because that's what would happen if we invited someone into our bed. He said that if I were to bring home a woman that he would want to have sex with her, too. I can't blame him. I suppose I'll let it rest.

October 19, 2003

Chris and I went out last night, and we had the best time! I can't believe it, but he said he'd been thinking about what I'd said in July. He said he's been to a few sites, and that there are tons of resources for finding sex partners. He also said he would like to watch me fuck another guy! This is so cool! I told him I would be in charge of choosing, and he said he would have the right to veto. I guess we have some work to do.

October 20, 2003

We opened our first account on a swinger's site! Writing ads isn't as easy as I had thought. I'm not even sure what I want. I mean, I know I like girls and guys both. But do we want casual sex or a relationship? I've got enough going on with Chris as it is. We don't need a romantic involvement.

October 26, 2003

These sites are great! We've received two e-mails, and we don't even have pictures posted. One couple sounds really fantastic; they're looking for casual sex, too. We've been IMing them back and forth, and we're supposed to meet up with them this weekend. Chris and I are so excited, and our sex life has gone through the roof. It seems like all we talk about now is sex, and I'm totally free to fantasize about eating a woman's pussy without shame. Talk about freedom! And what's better is that I'm free to flirt with men. I have always felt guilty about even looking at another man. But now, I can come home and tell Chris about anyone. And he has the liberty to do the same.

Last night, while we were making love, he asked me how I fantasized our first experience. I felt kind of awkward at first, and then I let loose. Chris rubs my clit as I tell him how our first experience ideally would be with one woman -- tall, long legs, dark hair and eyes, and olive skin.

"She would be completely bi -- not heteroflexible. After a night out, we bring her home, and you sit back and watch us make out. Her skin is so smooth against mine as I lick the inside of her mouth," I tell him.

"Go on," he urges. My pussy is wet against Chris's fingers as I imagine groping this woman-feeling her breasts and struggling to take off her shirt.

"My tongue runs down her neck and down to her nipples, which I lick and sick with pleasure. My hands search between her skirted legs, and my fingers reach into her panties. She's as wet as I am, and I can smell her sweetness. I throw her onto the bed and kneel down to eat her pussy. I lick, suck, and lap her, and her juices run down my face. You join in and proceed to undress me. Then you slide your dick into me from behind, and penetrate me gently. I am in the middle of a great fuckfest."

I could not speak, as Chris had brought me to an orgasm with his hands. In the past, I'd needed so much more stimulation, but opening up this line of communication has really liberated us sexually.

I can't wait to meet our new friends.

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