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Entry 10: Planning the date with Janie and Wayne
by Anne Curvey

24 November 2003

We received a call today from our new webcam friends Janie and Wayne. They said they had a great time on the web cam with us and wanted to know if we would like to take it to the next level. We told them yes we would. They suggested that we all meet next Saturday at a popular swing club in our area. We were very excited when we told them yes and we couldn't wait to finally meet them in person. After hanging up the phone, Chris and I looked at each other and remembered that the swing club they wanted to meet at was one of the biggest in the state. We almost simultaneously said to each other, "what will I wear?"

28 November 2003

It's the day after Thanksgiving and Chris and I went downtown to a Novelty store to shop around for new outfits to wear tomorrow night when we meet Janie and Wayne for the first time -- we wanted to be sure to make a good first impression. The store was empty and open 24 hours, so we could pretty much shop till we dropped. I went in the ladies section and had Chris go with me so he could help me pick out some sexy clothing. The first thing I noticed was this red brocade bustier gown and short set. It was awesome! It was basically a long dress with a bustier style top and sheer draped skirt that was totally open in the back. It came with a pair of matching shorts. I tried it on -- Chris loved it and so did I. He said it was a great tease to have my ass sticking out of the gown with the shorts on. Then I tried on this really cute blue halter top with matching low-rise mini skirt that had open sides with doubled strings. If I didn't have on panties you'd be able to see everything. It was a really hot outfit.

But even better then the other two items was this lace halter chemise. It was made of nylon and was embroidered on the halter and in the mid section. That was going to be my play nightie. I also tried on a pair of black pumps that Chris absolutely loved. He tried on a white silk shirt and a black see thru tank top. We ended up buying everything we tried on.

29 November 2003

It was party day! We were very excited -- the anticipation was building. We called Janie and Wayne and told them that we would arrive at the club about 9:30pm. When we arrived, we were in total awe of its size. It was huge. We've been hearing about this club for about a year but never had a chance to attend. The owner who also gave us a short tour greeted us at the door. Her name was Margaret and her husband was Jim. There was a large bar area and the dance floor was huge, it had a stripper pole in the middle and the DJ booth was in the corner. It had the full workings a regular dance club. Their lighting system was state of the art and it gave the club the look of high energy. In the back they had lockers where you could put your personal stuff and lock up. There were also two hot tubs.

The place was packed -- it was hard to believe that we were actually in a swing club. The people ranged from average to really attractive. We were like two kids in a candy store -- everyone seemed very nice and approachable. Overall, we were impressed.

They had 3 areas to play in -- the largest one having at least 20 beds. We looked around and didn't see Janie and Wayne yet. We decided to go into the disco and have a few drinks and people watch. As we were waiting for our drinks, some one came up behind us and asked if we were Kate and Chris. We turned around and knew right away it was Janie and Wayne. They looked way better in person then on web cam. We all hugged and kissed and said we were glad to finally meet.

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