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Entry 11: Meeting Janie and Wayne at a club
by Anne Curvey

November 30, 2003

We had such a fantastic time with Janie and Wayne that I want to write it all down so that I can remember it forever.

Chris and I looked at each other as to indicate that we were both very pleased with Janie and Wayne. They were hotter in person than they were on the web cam and we couldn't wait to play with them. They had just finished getting the tour of the club and we all ready for something to a drink.

Janie wore a stunning bright red lace top and a black latex mini skirt. She had her hair up in a bun and she had on a very sexy necklace and oval shaped earring. I could tell right away that Chris wanted to fuck her. Wayne had on a green Polo shirt and a darker green pair of pleated slacks. He looked really yummy and I spotted him checking me out a few times with lust in his eyes.

We sat and chatted about the drive to the club and how we liked the host and hostess. We were all impressed with the Jacuzzi and talked about getting in it a little later. We complimented them on how great they looked and asked them where they brought their outfits.

Chris and I could tell that the chemistry was perfect -- we couldn't ask for a better couple. We both were really comfortable with them and we all seemed to hit it off immediately. If they were nervous or uncomfortable meeting us we couldn't tell because we were laughing, slightly touching and joking like we've been good friends for years.

After a few minutes of talking and getting comfortable with each other, we got up and went to the dance floor. I was enjoying watching Chris dancing with Janie while he glanced at me with Wayne. Wayne grabbed my ass a few times, which I liked very much and Chris was doing the booty bump with Janie. We switched partners and we also danced with Janie and I in the middle. I saw the excitement in Chris' eyes as he leaned forward and whispered, "These guys are hot, we're going to have a great time."

We danced and flirted for about an hour and had a few drinks in between -- we were actually getting kind of warm from dancing so much. While slow dancing with Wayne, he took my hand and put it on his cock, it was rock hard! Oh My God! -- he was thick too. I almost had orgasm right there just from feeling it. "Hey guys, let's hop in the Jacuzzi" Janie suggested. I could tell by the look in everyone's eyes that that was an excellent idea.

We went to the locker room -- Janie and Wayne went to their car to get their stuff. While we were in the locker room we told each other how sexy we thought they were and how horny they made us.

We were all ready, so we got in the Jacuzzi and waited for Janie and Wayne. The Jacuzzi was very relaxing and we were the only ones in. I straddled Chris and started kissing him when Janie and Wayne finally walked in with just towels on. When they got in I turned around to face them. We could tell by the look on their faces that they were ready to play and so were we. Wayne came over and sat by me and Chris started playing with Janie. There was light kissing and touching going on and it was really arousing knowing we were each with someone else. I could see Chris squeezing Janie's large breasts and kissing her on her neck and lips -- I was holding Wayne's thick cock and stroking it. Janie's started playing footsie with me and I could feel Chris' balls rubbing against my thighs. Janie was moaning, I guessed that Chris was rubbing her clit -- Wayne was kissing me and sucking on my breasts. We were all having a great sexy time together.

It was time to get out of the Jacuzzi -- I was ready to play! We grabbed our towels and all headed for a quick shower together to rinse off the chlorine, then we made our way to the play area. The lights were dim, but you could tell from the sounds that there was some heavy love making going on. There were about 20 people in the room fucking or sucking or licking. I saw a girl on her knees sucking two guys who were standing in front of her. There were bodies all over the place. We stood for a few minutes caressing each other and watching.

We decided to make the first move -- I moved over to Wayne and Chris went over to Janie and we started feeling their bodies. We found some space and begin to play. I lay on my back and Wayne lifted my legs over my head and started to lick my ass and pussy. Chris did the same to Janie. We were right next to each other so I could reach over and feel Chris' head moving back and forth while he was eating Janie and Wayne could reach his hand and feel Janie's boobs.

Wayne stuck his finger in my pussy while licking my clit - I came within a few seconds. He was an excellent pussy eater. I could see that Chris had full control of his situation with Janie, she was moaning and enjoying his every move. Before long we were fucking and moving around doing every position. By the end of the night, Janie and I must have came 8 times between the two of us and both Chris and Wayne came twice each.

We had a wonderful evening. We didn't play with anyone else - this time!

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