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Entry 12: Coming home after the date with Janie and Wayne
by Anne Curvey

December 2, 2003

Wow! The evening at the club with Janie and Wayne was incredible - I'm still reeling from the awesome time we had with them.

It was lots of fun and it made us want more as soon as we got home. We were so excited that we ripped off our clothes as soon as we got through the door. Chris threw me on the living room couch and spread my legs wide open and started to eat me like a mad man. "Did he fuck you good?" "Did he fuck you hard?" "Did you like it." I answered, "YES" to all his questions and that drove him to eat me even more.

This was a new passion I have never seen before. It was clear that Chris was really excited by the fact that we had sex with other people. I asked him if he fucked Janie good and hard like he does me. He responded with a loud "YES" as he plunged his forefinger deep into my hot pussy while simultaneously licking my clit - God, I love that! He said he loved the fact that I had just been freshly fucked by another man and that it drove him wild having sex with another couple 'together' while other people watched.

Oh, it felt so good -- I love watching my man eating and licking me. He was incredible! It was as if he learned something new. He was eating me the same way I saw him eating Janie and he was making a humming sound that really drove me crazy. He said I was extra wet and juicy and he just couldn't get enough of me. That was all I needed to hear -- I wanted to suck his cock. We did 69 on the couch with me on top. Oh, goodness, he was super rock hard and I could smell scents of Janie around the base of his cock and balls. She must've been very wet and dripped all over him. That alone was like an aphrodisiac to me. I put his cock in my mouth and sucked it as if my life depended on it. I could feel him under me getting very excited. I wiggled and meshed my pussy into his face rubbing my clit on his nose and upper lip. "Ohhhhhh yeah baby, eat my pussy," I moaned. He dove in deeper and I sucked harder and faster holding his big swollen balls in my hand. We were tangled in a fit of pure passion and ecstasy -- it was wonderful!

After a few moments we changed position to doggy style. He plunged his hard cock in me and started slapping my ass. "Is this what Wayne did to you?" "Ohhh yes,"

I mumbled. He was behind squeezing my ass and fucking me harder and harder -- I could feel the build up. Then Chris slapped my ass again and started to gyrate his hips in a slower motion, "Do you remember grabbing my cock while you were fucking Wayne?" he panted. "Oh yes, I remember," I said! With that we both exploded with such a loud orgasm that we thought we might wake the neighbors. He shot deep inside of me and I came and shook like a leaf. Wow!

December 5, 2003

Today I was fantasizing about something that Chris said to me while we were having sex the other night. He asked me if I remembered grabbing his cock while I was fucking Wayne. At the time, I was in the heat of the moment and would have grabbed anything, including a hard cock. But then I started to give it some real thought and started imaging what it would be like to have two men at the same time for longer than just a couple of moments. Maybe a whole evening? The thought of having two guys at once turned me on. When I was younger I thought about it more that once or twice, but never acted on it. Now, since we are experimenting with swinging and it's been very positive so far, I wondered what it would be like getting fucked doggy style or in some other position where I ride one guy while sucking the other another. Hummmm, I need to talk to Chris about this.

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