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Entry 13: Exploring Kate's MFM Threesome fantasy
by Anne Curvey

December 14, 2003

Chris came home early today and I was glad because I was anxious to talk to him about my fantasies of trying two guys together - him and another guy. Our night with Janie and Wayne convinced me that I was ready. Plus, the fact that he had told me that it also excited him a lot to see me getting fucked by Wayne and reaching over for him at the same time. He said that when I grabbed his cock while Wayne was pounding me that he almost forgot all about Janie and wanted to come over and help Wayne fuck me. He really liked that I looked so slutty and insatiable and that it excited him that he had never seen that look I had on my face before -- a look of a lady who was enjoying herself immensely. I told him that it felt really good having him beside me, watching me. He asked me if I would be like to have two dicks at once. I thought about it for a second and answered "Oh, yeah!" Chris said that he would like to get someone new and that he would like to see me start by teasing him at first and then getting into it while he watches. Then after a while he'd jump in and participate. I told him it sounded very exciting and we should go for it -- we only live once.

We discussed how we were going to find the right guy to join us in our adventure. Since single guys were not invited to swing clubs that we know of, we had to figure out another way to get one. We thought about going online, but that seemed too creepy. But I decided that chemistry is a must and we'd rather find someone in person. We talked about going to a pool hall or a dance club or maybe a sports bar. We even threw in the ideal of meeting someone at the mall. We settled on going to a sports bar during happy hour. We figured we might have a good chance of meeting some executives just getting off of work. We'll find a bar that was close to a motel and get a room -- we didn't want to bring anyone home. I would dress really sexy, but not slutty -- business sexy, wearing a nice suit and skirt combo. We would enter the bar separately and be on our own for a half-hour or so. Being that it's been so long, I wondered if I still "had what it takes" when it comes to attracting men - I think I do, I hope I do.

When I find a guy I like, preferably someone giving me the eye and looking like they'd like to play, I would walk over to them and ask them the time. If they had on a unique watch, I would comment on the watch and try to strike up a conversation. If I felt we were clicking, I would ask if I could sit down. If he wasn't talkative, I would start a conversation about the reason why I'm in the bar, finding him attractive and than see if he is receptive from there. If he is, then I'll tell him I'm married and that my husband and I are swingers. I'll tell him about our swinger experiences with other couples and at the swing club and how my hubby and I were out looking for a hot guy to play with in a 3some. If that all goes well, then I'll introduce him to Chris and discuss the possibility of him joining us in our room with us, that's if he's not freaked out.

December 19, 2003

Chris and I found a sports bar that has a Best Western right next to it. Perfect! We checked in the hotel and set up our things and went over what we're going to do. I put on a very sexy dark blue skirt with fishnet stockings and a sexy white thong. My top was white and my jacket was blue. I put on a little lipstick, eyelashes, and fixed my hair -- I think I looked ok. The sports bar was so close that we could have walked but we drove instead so I wouldn't get tired in my heels.

It was still happy hour and the place was jumping. There were people everywhere -- in fact it was standing room only. There were a lot of people dancing and there was a great looking crowd. I did a quick scan and saw a lot of good-looking women and wondered if I would be competing with them tonight for cock. Chris and I took our positions -- I lucked out, someone left so I could sit at the bar. I was right there where all the action was and Chris was standing on the other side of the room. I quickly noticed that guys were checking me out from everywhere - I was excited. I ordered a glass of white wine and it wasn't 5 minutes when a very good-looking guy asked me to dance. I said sure. In the course of an hour I must have danced with half a dozen guys. All the while Chris was in the background watching -- I could see that he was getting horny.

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