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Entry 14: Picking up Marty
by Anne Curvey

December 19, 2003

After dancing to several songs I took a break to get another drink. Chris was in the back -- sitting and watching. I looked over his way just to let him know that everything was ok. He gave me a nod and thumbs up indicating that he was enjoying seeing me dancing and teasing. I gave him a wink and a smile.

One guy came over and introduced himself as Marty. He offered to buy me a drink but I declined and said I'd rather dance. Marty was very attractive and I thought this might be the guy. So we danced about three songs and got acquainted. I turned around and let him grab my hips and ass. I could feel his hardness against me -- he was packing a whopper! I got a few squeezes in of my own and I could tell he was really excited. A slow song started playing and we danced close together. Ohhhhh, he was harder than a rock, his cock was almost coming through his pants. He grabbed my ass and told me how much he loved it. We were grinding on the dance floor like teenagers. Then I could feel his hand slip up on my left breast. It felt good the way he was caressing it. I saw Chris out of the corner of my eye - he was drooling -- he was really getting off watching us.

Marty and I squeezed snuggly together and he tried to put his lips on mine but I moved my head -- I wasn't ready for that just yet. After the song, I told him I could use that drink now. We sat at a table away from all the music -- I stated the conversation by commenting on things like, great music, nice club, come here often, etc. etc. He said that he was a contractor and he worked close by, that he stops in the club every so often. He told me that Thursday's happy hours are usually the busiest nights. I asked him if he had a lady and he told me he was divorced. That's when I decided to let him know my real intentions. I told him that I was married and asked him if he knew what a "swinger" was. I could tell by the look on his face and by the way he almost choked on his drink that I hit a nerve. "You're a swinger?" he asked. I nodded my head yes. I told him that my husband and I came here to fulfill one of my swinging fantasies -- to find a nice looking guy to join us in a 3some. I told him that I have always wanted to be with two guys at once and that I was excited to meet him. "Is your husband here now?" I told him yes, and pointed to Chris in the back. Marty looked as if he'd seen a ghost -- he said that the whole situation was a little out there for him and he'd prefer a little more privacy when making love and that he was a "lights off" type of guy. He kindly declined and got up and left.

I was very disappointed - I walked over to Chris and told him that our mission had failed and told him everything that happened. He looked a little disappointed and said we may have gone about it all wrong. We left the club and went back to the hotel, checked out and went home.

At home, Chris said we should have just gone online to find "our" guy. That way we can get right to the point and not waste a whole evening at a club. The club was fun, but you just can't approach non-swingers with a swinger proposition. You have to keep it in the lifestyle. We logged on and went to a swinger web site. Actually, it was a lot easier and better. There were quite a few who had a full profiles and pictures to view. There was even an indication if they were online or not. There was one guy that really got my interest. He had 5 pictures and they ranged from fully clothed to full nude --hard dick and all. He was in good shape and we both liked what he said in his profile. I buzzed him to see if he would answer - much to my surprise he did. I asked how he was doing and he responded that he was doing great now! We chatted about what he was into, what we were into. I offered video chat -- which he quickly accepted. He commented on how nice I looked and I gave him a flying kiss.

His name was Ted and he's been on the website for almost 2 years. Feeling sort of frisky from dancing earlier I decided to give Ted a little treat -- a nice little strip tease. It was exciting because I didn't give him any warning that I was going to take off my clothes. I just got up and took off my shoes, skirt, jacket and shirt. It wasn't until I was down to my panties when he finally said something: "Wow!! You're beautiful!" I asked him if he would like to meet -- he said he was free next Thursday. I asked Chris if we should try to go back to the same sports bar, he said sure, it has a hotel right there. So I told Ted where to meet us and asked him if he wanted to see me in anything special. Then I modeled three outfits for him -- he picked the 2nd one, a leopard skirt, green shirt with fishnet stockings.

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