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Entry 15: Going on the date with Ted
by Anne Curvey

December 26, 2003

After about of week of corresponding and playing on web cam with our new friend Ted, Chris and I decided that we should take it to the next step -- actually meeting him in person. We made it clear what we were looking for, and this time we actually felt a lot better about this meeting than at our last one because Ted clearly knows our intention and had no problem with it.

We decided that the same sports bar that we went to last week would be the perfect spot for our rendezvous. Chris called the same hotel and made reservations for one night. It was a perfect location: it was right across the street from the bar within walking distance.

After arriving at the hotel, I showered and got ready to meet our new friend. I wore the items he asked me to wear while we chatted online -- a leopard skirt, green shirt with fishnet stockings. I did my hair, put it up in a bun and put on some fake eyelashes. I also had on a very slinky, sexy g-string. Chris said I was looking hot. He came over to me and I could see by the huge bulge in his pants that he was turned on knowing I was going to bring a man back here to fuck.

We went over our plans one last time and our emergency plans just in case something went wrong. We both had our cell phones for easy communication and an alternate course of action in case I didn't feel the chemistry with Ted. I got a ring on my cell from Ted telling me that he just arrived at the bar and he was seated in the restaurant section -- that was my cue. I looked at Chris and I could see he was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. I gave him a kiss and drove across the street to the sports bar.

As soon as I walked in I saw Ted waving at me from the corner of my eye. I walked over to him and I could see that he was just in awe of me. He told me I was even more beautiful in person than on web cam. I could hear him say, "oh my God" under his breath over and over again. He asked me if I'd like a drink and I told, "Yes a glass of white wine please."

Ted was quite handsome. He had very nice teeth and he looked very well kept. I was attracted to him immediately. We talked about what he did for a living, his educational background, and some of his hobbies. We had a really good rapport going and I was really comfortable with him. I found myself wanting to kiss him, giving him head and was wondering how he'd feel inside of me.

I snapped out of it and asked him if he's ever done anything like this before and he said yes and that he had an incredible time. He said he couldn't wait to play with me and said he was busing out of his pants. I asked him if I could touch him. He replied, "Absolutely!" I took off my shoe and put my bare food between his legs - he was rock hard. I looked at him and said "Do you want to fuck me Ted while my husband watches?" "Yes, Yes I would!" he said as I ran my toes across the head of his hardness.

The phone rang -- it was Chris asking me what was going on. I told him I had my foot on Ted's hard cock and that I was about to bring him over to the room and fuck him. I looked at Ted and said, "Ted, do you want to come go with me to my room?" "Oh yes!" he said. I told Chris we'd there in 5 minutes and hung up.

Ted and I left the restaurant and got in my car for the short ride across the street. "Are you nervous?" "Hell no!" he said as he rubbed my legs. I parked the car in front of the room and told Ted to follow me. I felt his hands squeezing my cheeks. "You have a great ass," he said.

I opened the door and said, "Honey, look what I brought home." Chris introduced himself to Ted as we walked in. I went in the bathroom and Chris and Ted were in the room chatting with each other. I came back totally naked and walked right over to Ted. I grabbed his cock through his pants -- it was rock hard! Chris took a seat to enjoy the show.

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