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Entry 16: Going all the way with Ted
by Anne Curvey

December 28, 2003 (Con't)

As we kissed, I backed Ted onto the bed until he was forced to sat down then I put my hands through his shirt and started rubbing his chest. I rubbed nice and slow as I ran my pinky lightly over his nipples and on his chest. I rubbed his thighs at the same time. I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his nipples. Hummmmmm, he had a hairless chest -- at the same time I was squeezing his cock. I could tell that he worked out a lot from his muscular chest and big biceps. Returning my attention he started feeling all over my body and my breasts. I pulled his pants and underwear down around his knees and grab his cock. It stood erect - it was rock hard and throbbing. It was very thick with a big fat mushroom head, yuuuummy! I didn't know if he was more turned on by me or by the fact that Chris was watching. Either way, I could tell he wasn't shy at all. I put his fully erect cock deep in my mouth. He moaned very loudly and I sucked long and slow, harder and harder -- he was loving it. "You like sucking that hard dick, baby?" Chris asked and I responded by giving him a loud Ummmmm Hummmmm! I glanced back and Chris was sitting in a chair with his cock out stroking it up and down.

As I sucked Ted's hard cock, I looked up and could see his eyes rolling back into his head. I spread his legs and started to suck and lick his balls. He was totally shaved and smooth and his balls were huge. I grabbed them in one hand and held his cock in the other and just licked all over. It felt good getting him so excited. "Suck those balls baby" I heard Chris say in the background. I decided to experiment with sounds -- I overemphasized my slurping and licking to the point where I could be heard. It was a huge turn on for Ted as well as Chris and me. Ted was moving his hips from side to side and he had his leg between mine. I found myself tracing my tongue across every surface -- he laid back with a happy and very smug smile. When my tongue had reached the tip of his cock, I darted it in and out while lightly tracing his thigh with my hand. I could feel the heat from his cock in my mouth.

I turned my head to look at Chris again. I looked him directly in the eye as I went up and down on Ted's cock. I came up for air and said "you like watching me baby?" "You like watching me sucking this fat dick?" He had fire in his eyes as he watched, "Yeah, I love watching you suck other guys cocks." "Suck it good baby, don't disappoint me." I then started sucking Ted's dick like my life depended on it. I felt his hand on my head as he indicated that he wanted me to stop. If I didn't he probably would have blown his load in my mouth.

Ted got up and said he wanted to eat me so I laid down on my back and spread my legs wide as he showed me his oral expertise. Then he got up and put on a condom and started to fuck me -- it felt incredible. Chris came over and sat next to me and said, "You like that baby, is he fucking you good?" "Oh yes, yes, he feels so good," I said. Chris started rubbing my breasts and I could feel that I was going to come. I reached down and held Chris' cock. "Oh Chris -- he's going to make me come," I said. Chris said, "Go ahead baby cum all over that hard cock - fuck her harder Ted!" Ted started pounding and pounding until we both exploded with ecstasy. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! yeah," he said as he came.

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