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Entry 17: Coming home after the date with Ted
by Anne Curvey

28 December 2004 (Cont)

After leaving the hotel and driving back home Chris and I started talking about Ted and how exciting the entire evening was -- from the time we left the hotel room, to going to the sports bar; to meeting Ted on my own. Even though Chris was right there I could see in his eyes that he wanted to hear every descriptive detail from me.

I put my hand on his lap -- he was still hard. "Damn baby, you were such a slut tonight, I just loved it!" he said. He asked me what I liked most about Ted. I told him that I liked his nice thick hard cock. That's what I love most about men and Chris knows it. I told him that Ted's cock had a big juicy mushroom head and it was a delight to suck. He ask me if I was excited that he was there watching. I told him that was what made it the most fun -- him being there while I was sucking on another man's cock. What could be more exciting then that? With Chris there watching I felt more relaxed and at ease. He asked if I would be up for more when we got home, I said, "Oh yes!"

When we got home we took a long hot shower -- it was soothing and relaxing. Afterward we hopped on the computer for a minute to see if we had any emails. John and Susan wrote and wanted to know if we wanted to get together next weekend. I saw that they were online so I IM'd them and told them about our adventure with Ted and how exciting it was. Susan started to ask all kinds of questions and she even turned on her webcam. She was sitting there in a very sexy low cut nightgown -- she has such a beautiful cleavage. I could see John behind her reading what I was saying -- "he had such a thick cock," I typed, "and he knew how to use his tongue really well." Susan suggested that maybe we all should have a little private party and invite Ted. I said that I thought that was a splendid idea -- Chris liked the idea too. We we're chatting for about 15 minutes when I looked around to see Chris lying on the bed stroking his cock.

I said, "Do you want this little whore to suck your cock?" He spread his legs and said, "Absolutely!" "Come here slut!" he said. I told Susan that I'd chat with her tomorrow about getting together with them next week and then shut down the computer.

I had my bathrobe on -- I stood up and just let it drop to the floor. I crawled up in between Chris' legs licking his thighs and caressing his cock. "You liked sucking Ted's dick didn't you, you little slut?" he said. "Oh, yes, I loved it." That excited him even more.

I worked my way up to his balls and started to lick and suck them and stroke his cock at the same time. He was really getting into it. I put his cock in my mouth and sucked long and hard. "He said, "Suck it faster just like you did his." He grabbed the back of my head and I went up and down like a jackhammer on his hard cock. "Slurp, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I gobbled his cock as I made slurping and muffed sounds. "Yeah, that's it, that's it!" he said.

I reached down and started to rub my pussy because I was getting really hot all over again. I started to imagine myself having Chris, John and Ted all at the same time. It would be wonderful to have 3 guys whose sole purpose was to satisfy me. Thinking that thought, I climbed on top of Chris, straddled him and rode him until we both came so hard that we nearly broke the bed.

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