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Entry 18: Shopping online
by Anne Curvey

9 January 2004

Since we started swinging, our sex life has improved immensely. Chris and I are having more sex now than ever before. At the drop of a hat, we're like two bunnies in heat. I don't think our sex lives has been this exciting since we started our relationship several years ago.

When we first got married we made love like crazy for the first year or so, then after that we went down to 4 times a week, then to 3 times a week -- to 3 or 4 times a month. It's funny sometimes, I'll be cooking and he'll run up behind me and groped me and squeeze my boobs and the next thing you know we're naked having sex on the kitchen counter while food is still in the oven. He's not always the aggressive one though. We recently installed a new washer and dryer -- after playing with the plumbing and turning some screws, I decided to turn some screws of my own. While Chris was placing a bracket on the outlet hose, I decided to pull out his "hose" and give him head to completion right there. He told me since we did the MFM with Ted I'm a lot more energetic and surprisingly exciting. Prior to swinging I would almost never initiate anything, it just wasn't in my nature.

The other day we were sitting at the computer doing some shopping. We found the Victoria Secrets website and ordered a few things. I picked a Flash Red push up bra with matching Lace V-String panty, a black lace V-neck baby doll lingerie, and an order of "All That Shimmers Body Lotion." I also ordered a Satin and Fleece Robe and two sexy night gowns. I also found some sexy shoes and body stockings on Fredrick's of Hollywood.

Then we went on another website and ordered a few other items like a Bare Midriff Cat suit, a halter style jumpsuit, a tube dress and two pairs of high heeled shoes. We figured that we could use some toys too. Then we decided to do some surfing for adult toys and personal items like dildos and whips and things. We saw an ad for cock rings and Chris said he always wanted to try one just to see if they worked or not. So we order one and this dildo called "The Rabbit" -- a battery operated dildo that had different speeds and could rotate in the opposite direction just by turning a knob. We also ordered an item called "The Cosmic Invader." Another battery operated dildo that with a round head on it to stimulate your g-spot. It looked like a lot of fun and it said that it was aimed at making not squirters squirt for the first time. All in all we spent about $200.00 online alone - wow looking sexy isn't cheap!

13 January 2004

We received all the items we ordered on line today. I particularly was fascinated with "The Rabbit." I opened everything just to make sure it all fit and everything was in order. We needed batteries for all the toys so Chris ran out to the store to get some. The Rabbit took 3 C size batteries and the Cosmic Invader took two. I reminded Chris about us having our new friends over for a little party next week. He said we should call them just to make sure they we were still on. I asked him why call when we have web cam and email? So got online and saw that Ted was on. He said he would love to attend. Then we contacted Wayne and Janie and John and Susan. They all said they were free and couldn't wait to see us again. I told them about all my new outfits and our new toys. They asked if I would give them a preview of me using them. I said, "Sure!"

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