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Entry 4: Following John and Susan's trail on shaving
by Elizabeth Andrews

November 3, 2003

It's been two days since our date with John and Susan. We heard from them last night. I can't believe that I was so anxious for anything that nothing really happened. It's hard to explain. I kissed Susan, which was nice and all, but something wasn't the way I had thought it would be. It was as if I had spent so much time fantasizing that when it was time for the real encounter, it didn't live up to my expectations. Chris said he had experienced the same thing. We would like to have swapped partners last night, but we weren't able to pull it off. Instead we had same room sex, which I've heard some swingers do.

But then again, our seasoned friends implied that they want to get together again. They called us last night wanting to get together this weekend. I guess that's good news. I don't know. I felt like we were performing or something. When Chris was eating my pussy, I couldn't really focus on what he was doing and how it felt, because I was so wrapped up in watching John and Susan. Oh, it's so crazy!

And then the other thing, which totally caught me off guard, was the shaving! Both of them shave. We've seen photos of shaven genitals in porn movies and on ad sites, but we really didn't expect our date to shave. It's always been something we've seen on TV or on the Internet. But he shaves his balls and around the base of his dick, and she shaves the entire vulva. I didn't know what to think of their lack of pubic hair in comparison to our trimmed pubic hair. I almost felt self-conscious, since it appears that's the norm. And these guys have been at it for a while. So Chris and I decided to shave.

Shaving turned out to be a pretty erotic event, as we'd never done anything like this before. We decided to do Chris first. We trimmed away what we could with scissors and then we brought out the shaving cream. On my knees, I covered his balls and his shaft with shaving cream as he stood. Ever so gently, I lifted his scrotum so I could shave underneath. With short and small strokes, I worked the razor upward to the base of his dick. He hardened a little as I lifted his cock to reach all the hard to get places. Once he was smooth and clean, I licked him as a trial run. And oh my God! He was so smooth and easy to maneuver. I wanted to keep going and suck him off, but he stopped me.

"We still have to do you!" he smiled and shook the can of shaving cream.

Chris laid a towel on the bed and asked me to lie down. It was almost like preparing for oral sex! But I wanted to see what he was doing. So I arched myself up a little as he slathered me. I'd kept my bush neatly trimmed, so I didn't think it would be that much of ordeal. But Chris seemed to think otherwise. He was so intent as he shaved the hair on my mount and worked his way down to my labia. I could feel myself getting wet as he stretched my lips in different directions. And what's funny is that there is nothing inherently sexual about shaving, yet here we were, turned on!

Once Chris finished and washed off the shaving cream, I noticed an intense sensation around my pussy -- a draft of air! It was kind of like shaving my legs for the first time. But then Chris began to eat me. My experience was heightened. Feeling his skin against my skin and his tongue lapping and licking against my bare labia drove me to an instant orgasm. And it wasn't a little orgasm either. I was vocal, which, I must admit, I haven't been much before, and my body thrashed around uncontrollably. Chris always gets me off, but rarely like this.

I didn't want it to be over just yet, so I positioned my body so as to suggest 69. I climbed on top of him and put my smooth pussy in his face and went to town on his newly shaven cock. My mouth glided over him easier and quicker than I'd previously be able to. His dick was so smooth, and his balls, wow, I had to suck on those, and that's when he began to moan. I knew he liked the results then; he hardly ever moans. I continued to suck and lick while he buried himself in me until we both came.

I came twice within 10 minutes! WOW! Maybe we'll keep this shaving thing up. And better yet, we'll be in good company with John and Susan when we see them next weekend!

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