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Entry 6: In anticipation of playing with John and Susan again
by Anne Curvey

November 8, 2003

Did a little surfing online; found a cute couple in the swing club website. We weren't really looking for another new couple because we were having a lot of fun with Susan and John, but they had great pictures of themselves with and without clothes and they looked like we might be compatible. The guy wasn't that tall but he looked very buff and girl had a voluptuous shape and an incredible smile; they were very sexy and appealing. I saw that they were online so I decided to send them an instant message; "Hello!" They must have looked at our profile because they responded almost immediately with, "Hi there, nice profile, very hot." We started to chat a little bit. Their names were Janie and Wayne, they were married for 10 years and they were long time swingers. They especially loved going to swing clubs. They were into full swap and light BDSM. I told Chris to come and take a look at their profile; he thought they were hot too. We chatted for about 30 more minutes and made plans to meet. They gave us their phone number and asked us to give them a call. We're excited; they seem promising.

November 9, 2003

After dinner, I went on the computer to see if we received any email. Got one from John and Susan; can hardly wait to see them again. They asked if we were still on for tomorrow and wanted to know where we wanted to meet. They said they were excited about meeting us last week and really enjoyed watching Chris and I together. I called Chris and told him about the email; he said why not just meet them at home. I agreed; all of a sudden I'm sexually excited. I wrote them back and told them it would be our pleasure to have them both for dinner and to come over here. While sitting there I started to imagine what it would be like tasting Susan's sweet bald pussy and sucking on John's hard cock. I pulled down my shorts, sat back in the chair and started to play with my clit. I was dripping wet and the thought of playing with those two just got me so excited. My heart was pounding and my legs trembled as I climaxed over and over again. I was so goddamn horny!

Chris came in and caught me playing with myself at the computer. Seeing me there with my legs in the air and 3 fingers in my pussy was too much for him to handle. He couldn't get undressed fast enough; his cock was already getting hard. "You're thinking about them again, aren't you, you slut!" I just looked at him and sighed. I took his head in my hands and guided his tongue right onto my wet hole; he licked furiously. It felt incredible and I came within a minute of him taking his fist few licks. I wanted his cock in my mouth so I beckoned him to stand up so I could suck his hard manhood. "I want your cock in my mouth now!" I deep throated him and I could tell by his moans that he loved it. His balls were still smooth and hairless since he started shaving last week and they felt wonderful in my mouth. "Oh yeah, suck that hard cock. You're going to suck John's cock like that aren't you?" "Oh yes, I'm going to suck his cock real good and swallow all his cum. And I'm going to eat Susan's pussy too, slide my fingers deep inside her and get it all wet for you." Then I got up and bent over on the chair with my ass in the air and he entered me from behind. Smack! " Whose your daddy?" he said as he smacked my ass hard, oh yeah, just the way I like it. Feeling his hands squeezing my ass and his cock deep inside me was incredible. He fucked me hard and furious; God it felt so good! I thought of John. I closed my eyes and pretended he was fucking me instead of Chris. I said, "Fuck me harder!" I know Chris knew who I was thinking about as he grabbed me by my belly. Something that Chris doesn't normally do, but I loved that he remembered and did me that way. I could feel his tension building up and he pulled out and came all over my ass.

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