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Entry 7: Going out with John and Susan
by Anne Curvey

November 10, 2003

The day has been spent in anticipation of meeting John and Susan tonight. I've been wet all day just thinking about it. I don't know why I'm so excited. I guess the fact that we're actually going to have sex with other people is what really turns me on.

Checked our email to see if we had anything online. That other couple (Janie and Wayne) wrote to us. They sent some really revealing pictures of them fucking each other. Wayne is very thick. Mmmmmmmmmm, I thought as I licked my lips.

John and Susan arrive about 8pm. We made some small talk over dinner and a few glasses of wine and made our way to the living room. Chris put on some soft music and a porn video. The conversation quickly turned "hot." Susan was wearing a very tight body fitting dress and 3 inch heels. She wore no stocking and I'm sure she wasn't wearing any underwear either. John was wearing a tight fitting shirt and slacks; they both looked very sexy. I was wearing a sexy lace black top and a pair of stretch pants with sandals. I know they were both checking me out when we left the dinning room as John commented on my well formed ass. Chris had on a tight silk t-shirt and a pair of Dockers. We were all looking hot.

We were talking about orgies and group sex. John and Susan said they haven't done that yet but were planning on doing it some time soon. As time went along and the wine kicked in, I looked at Susan and told her how hot she looked. She looked over at me and spread her legs wide open bearing a naked wet pussy and said "if you really mean that why don't you come over here and play with me. "Oooohhhh I liked that; a woman in authority." I got up and walked over to her, knelt down and could see from the moisture on the couch that she was hot and ready.

"Oooooooooh yeah! Eat my pussy." Susan was extremely verbal which I found to be a huge turn on. For the first time in my life I was eating another woman's pussy. The smell, the taste, was incredible. "That's it baby, lick right there, stick your finger in it." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, yeah!" I took a brief moment to look around to see both John and Chris standing over us naked both stroking their cocks.

"I want a cock in my mouth now," Susan said. Chris was eager to oblige. He got on the couch right next to Susan giving her easy access to his hard throbbing cock. "Aghhhhhhhh, yeah suck that cock baby!" Chris exclaimed. "Feels good in your hot mouth." She sucked him vicariously and he started to moan. While I was between Susan's legs eating her pussy greedily. John got behind me and started rubbing and squeezing my ass. I swooned at his touch, and I stuck my fingers deeper into Susan. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck! I'm going to cum" she said as she took Chris's cock out of her mouth. Then she squeezed harder on his cock and I could feel her trebling as she came all over my fingers. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah! Yes, yes, yes" she screamed. John had my tits out and was squeezing them. I moved my attention to him. Susan pulled off the rest of her clothes and had Chris lay back while she went down on his hard cock. John and I kissed passionately and by this time I had my shirt completely off. "God you have such beautiful tits" he said. He sucked and squeezed them gently and I started to moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, that feels so good." I said. From the corner of my eye I could see Susan's head bobbing up and down on Chris' cock. I took a moment to stand up to take off my pants. "Look at that!" John said while touching my ass. "I want to eat you from behind" he said. So I bent over while still standing and spread my legs wide using the coffee table for support. John stuck his tongue deep in my pussy and then stuck his finger in too. "You like that, baby?" he whispered. "Yessssssssssss!" I squirmed. It felt incredible. I turned my head to see Susan on top of Chris and riding him like a wild pony.

I said "Fuck me! Fuck me now! I want your cock!" I turned around and John said "Suck me first, I want to feel your lips." He stood up and I put his hard meat in my mouth and I sucked him and he pulled my head in closer. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God!," he moaned, "this is heaven." I fingered my pussy while I sucked. I got his cock all wet with my spit as he fucked my mouth like I was a cock slut.

Then I laid on the couch with my legs wide open, he slipped on a condom and then entered me missionary style. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me hard." I yelled. He looked at me and said "You like that -- hard dick inside you? You like my balls slapping up against your fine ass?" I responded with "Yes, yes, yes!" I could feel him pounding away like there was no tomorrow. "Ohhhhhhhhh, I'm cumming, don't stop, don't stop baby. Yes, yes Ergggggggggggghhhhhhhh."

As I came he pulled out his cock and took off of the condom and shot his hot load all over my stomach, up to my chin. We came in unison .it was incredible!

Fresh, clean and sexually satisfied, we bid a fond farewell to our guests and made plans to see them again very soon.

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