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Entry 8: Getting a webcam and meeting Janie and Wayne
by Anne Curvey

November 13, 2003

I woke up this morning feeling so satisfied and dare I say it, extremely naughty! What an incredible evening we had with Susan and John. They were all that we fantasized about and more. After John and I came we walked over to the couch where Susan and Chris were playing. Susan was on top riding Chris like a wild pony. You could see it in his eyes that he loved every minute of it. He opened his legs just enough for me to get between them and lick his balls while Susan continued to ride him. I could taste her pussy juice all over him…….oh how delightful! Susan had such a soft pudgy ass and it excited me to squeeze it and suck my husband's balls at the same time. John moved to the other side of the couch and started kissing his wife and sucking her tongue as she rode my hubby, not missing a beat. Apparently my me licking his smooth balls was just a little too much for him to handle -- he let out such a yelp and buckled like an astronaut during a test flight, so much that he almost threw Susan and me into the air.

It was a wonderful experience and we really enjoyed their company. I was so nasty last night -- in all my years I never acted like such a slut. I found it to be very exciting and a little scary at the same time and wondered how Chris felt about it. I asked him if he thought any less of me, "Oh no," he said, "If anything I love you more -- I love seeing you enjoy yourself so much." His approval made me feel good and "ok" with being a slut.

November 15, 2003

We decided to buy a web-cam and went to Best Buy to get one. The newspaper insert said they were having huge sale on all digital equipment including web cams. There was one for $19.95 and it looked like a pretty good model. It was exciting to know that we would finally be able to let other couples see us. The web cam was so easy -- all we had to do was plug it in. We set it on top of our monitor. It also took still pictures, so we took some and saved them to the hard drive. Wow, this is cool!

We played with it for a while until we felt we had the right angle and decided to contact the new couple we met online the other day through messenger. Their names were Janie and Wayne and I distinctly remember that he had a beautiful thick cock. What luck, they were on line. It was about 9ish and they were winding down for the day. I looked over Chris's shoulder and told him to see if they wanted to web cam with us. They responded by turning their web cam on. Janie was doing the typing and Wayne was sitting next to her. They waved and we could tell they were saying hello with their lips. Then a request came on for us to "let this user view your web cam." Chris punched the yes key and a few seconds later we were looking at each other. I couldn't believe how crystal clear the picture was and how much we could see of them. They said they could see us just as good. Janie smiled and waved making a goofy face. Wayne stood up and did a stage actor's bow and waved at the camera. Then he turned towards Janie and gave her a big kiss. Chris muttered that he thinks we are going to have a lot of fun on web cam. I agreed.

Janie continued typing and stated that they have been in the life style for over a year and to a few Clubs and that they had some really great experiences. After about 15 minutes or so of some light flirting and web cam fun they typed they were going to bed and "Here is our phone number again." They asked us to give them a call tomorrow at 8pm. We thanked them -- they said the same. We gave them our phone number too and said we would definitely call.

As soon as we signed off, the phone rang -- it was Susan and John. They called to see how we were doing and to let us know that they had a great time with us and wanted to see us again very soon. We told them the same and also told them about our new online friends, Janie and Wayne. We mentioned the web cam flirting we had with them. They said it sounded like fun and that maybe all six of us could get together some evening. Hummmmm, that sounds good to me.

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