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Entry 9: Another webcam show for Janie and Wayne
by Anne Curvey

November 17, 2004

The little web cam play we had with Janie and Wayne last week was a lot of fun. It really opened my mind up to all the visual fun we can have. We changed the position of our computer to face our bed instead of the window so anyone we chat with will see the bed in the background. Hopefully that will make it really sexy and more alluring. I went to the closet and brought up my blue comforter and my red bed sheets. I spent almost the entire afternoon just moving things around and rearranging. I finally got things the way I wanted and did a quick web cam view to make sure everything looked good and not out of place. Chris noticed that I was really excited about the cam and asked if we wanted to contact Janie and Wayne again. I told him absolutely.

We both showered and I took about 20 minutes to get my hair, face and lips just right. I wanted to make sure I looked hot when Janie and Wayne came online. Chris was in his bathrobe on the bed watching TV when I came out of the bathroom. He looked at me and said, "Going somewhere?" laughingly. I told him, "Yes, we're going to cyber land baby." I sat down at the computer and turned it on. After logging on, I went onto instant messenger to see if anyone was on. Janie and Wayne's ID wasn't in bold so it looked like they weren't on yet. I typed "yt" and sent it to them anyway. After about a minute the computer went "DING, DING" and there they were. At this point I went to my drawer where I keep my nightgowns and lingerie and slipped into a Satin and Mesh Chemise. I fluffed up my hair and a put on a pair of angle-strap sandals that I got from Sexy Secrets.

"Hey guys! How are you?" they typed. I wrote back "We're great, how about you?" "Fine", they responded. I did one final adjustment on the cam and then hit the button to offer them to see us. "Wow, look at you!" they typed, "You're looking hot!" I blew them a kiss. Then the request came on for me to accept their web cam, which of course I did. I could see that Janie was at the keyboard doing the typing and Wayne was sitting next to her. "Do you have voice?" they asked. I didn't understand, but then another request came up for me to accept "voice" so I did. Then all of a sudden I heard from the speaker "Hi guys, can you hear us?" Oh goodness, I didn't know we could talk and see at the same time! Chris got off the bed and looked as shocked as me. Janie led us through the process and we plugged in our microphone and now could see and hear each without typing using the "hands free" mode.

Being online was even more exciting now because we could hear each other too. They ask me to stand up, so I did and flashed my ass at them. "Nice Ass!" I heard Wayne say through the speakers. "Thank you!" Then Janie asked if I had anything else that I could put on. Chris yelled out, "What is Janie going to do if Kate puts on a show?" Janie disappeared and returned wearing an open mesh cami set -- it was hot. Janie has a great body and Chris and I both were both glued to the screen as she posed for us and pranced around. We both played with our tits and flashed each other. Chris picked me up on his shoulders with my pussy facing his mouth as I simulated riding this face. "Eat her Chris" Wayne said as Chris moved his head from side to side. "Let me see you spread her ass cheeks" Janie said. I bent over and Chris took his hands and spread my ass wide open to show my pretty pink pussy. "Put on something else" Wayne said. I went to my drawer and got out a corset and a pair of open crouch panties. Chris sat down in the chair as I modeled the clothes. Then Janie and Wayne started to tell us what to do, like they were directing us on a porn movie -- I loved it! They told me to grab Chris' cock and suck it good. Then they told me to get on top of him while he sat and to ride him that way, then standing doggy style. We did everything they asked. Chris and I had fun taking orders. Then we actually got in the heat of the passion and he stuck his cock in me as Janie and Wayne coached us to a super orgasm with Chris busting his hot load deep inside me.

Then we turned towards them and Janie modeled some other items for us. She had a gorgeous red Renaissance Corset with lace up back cinches and a bright red g-string. Chris said, "You're a bad girl!" Then I told Wayne to put that bad girl over his knee and spank that ass -- he did it without hesitation. This was so much fun! We told Janie to get on her knees and suck Wayne's cock and she did it. Then we directed them to fuck doggy style, missionary, on top, and all sorts of crazy ways, they complied with all of our requests. It was too much fun. Finally we heard Wayne yell "I'm coming" and he pulled his cock out and came all over Janie's face. It was awesome! Afterwards, we told them how much fun it was and that we had to do it again real soon. Then we signed out. Chris and I played again and then went to sleep. We had a great time and never left the house.

22 November, 2003

Chris and I talked about how he loved watching me doing it with John. He said he's been jerking off thinking about it and even imagined joining us. He asked me if I would have been comfortable if he had joined in making it a 3some with two guys. I told him that would probably be really exciting but it seems like a huge step at this point. But then I thought about it a little more, hummmmmmmm, maybe?

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